When You Need On-Site Computer Service, Thought Streams Will Be There

Thought Streams offers our clients on-site computer service when problems cannot be solved remotely because we understand that certain issues need a hands-on approach. Our onsite technical support not only gives us the chance to correct errors and troubleshoot problems but also to meet with your staff on a personal level and to discuss additional issues as they arise.

We are happy to provide on-site computer service to our clients for a variety of critical issues, including:

  • Installation of hardware, including computer systems and servers
  • Repairs
  • Hardware upgrades

In addition, when you sign a contract with Thought Streams, you can request an initial visit from our team, which will allow us to take a survey of your overall system and to gather knowledge about the programs and products that your business uses. This information will help us to more efficiently assist you with future remote or on-site computer service calls.

We Go Out of Our Way to Provide Superior Onsite Technical Support

When you request an onsite network support call from Thought Streams, we will go out of our way to make sure that you get the maximum value for any visit. If you have additional questions or concerns while we’re at your site that were not part of the initial reason for the visit, just let us know and we’ll be happy to look into them for you.

We currently offer onsite technical support in the greater Atlanta area as well as in the state of Georgia, with plans to expand outward in the future. We also offer remote services to clients throughout the United States.

Contact us today for more information on our remote and on-site computer service.