“OMI Diagnostics has been using Thought Streams’s personnel on a contract basis for over a year. We have found them to be professional, goal oriented, objective, extremely helpful, and easy to work with…Not only has Thought Streams assisted OMI in our selection process for new systems; they have also worked on OMI’s hardware needs and the training of OMI’s personnel. Anticipating our needs; they have made recommendations, followed our vendors to ensure timely completion of projects, and kept OMI focused on our goals. We strongly recommend Thought Streams.”


Atlanta IT Service Outsourcing

When the founders of ThoughtStreams got together, they realized that with costs skyrocketing for Atlanta IT services, outsourcing would be the only viable option left to small to medium sized businesses. Small businesses looking for Atlanta IT managed services and support were left to find a large company which would largely ignore them or a single person with no backup and little knowledge.

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