Atlanta Network Consulting

Thought Streams provides local Atlanta network consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses. As a standard benefit with our IT professional services, our professional network consultants will come out to your site and give you a free report on your network security and possibilities for improvements in form and function. This report will consist of possible vulnerabilities in your network and ways to improve the network on the whole. Whether you require only 5 hours of network consulting a month or require an onsite technician full-time in Atlanta, IT professional services from Thought Streams can help.

Atlanta IT Professional Services

Our Atlanta IT Professional Services group will then provide you with a single contact point here in Atlanta for all problems, as well as a backup number to go to in case of emergencies. Over 80% of phone calls have the problem resolved within 30 minutes from the time our client picks up the phone. The added value of our network consulting services to our clients comes through in their employee efficiency, more uptime on servers and workstations, and less frustration.

Your Atlanta network consultant will be your contact for all problems, so you never have to wonder who is working on your issue. A single point of contact is your Thought Streams advantage.


When You Need On-Site Computer Service, Thought Streams Will Be There

When You Need On-Site Computer Service, Thought Streams Will Be There
Thought Streams offers our clients on-site computer service when problems cannot be solved remotely because we understand that certain issues need a hands-on approach. Our […]

Small Business Computer Consulting is Our Specialty

Small Business Computer Consulting is Our Specialty
At Thought Streams, we provide Atlanta technical support with a specialty in small business computer consulting. We are qualified as a Small Business Specialist by Microsoft, which means that […]

Our network monitoring system gives you peace of mind.

The scenario usually plays out the same way. Your business suffers a catastrophic technological glitch, and your computers – and email – all go down. You frantically call your IT service provider with hundreds of […]


Imagine having all the tools you need to run your business effectively — in the palm of your hand! Thought Streams has partnered with a leading smartphone application development company to bring you high-tech smartphone services that help you manage operations on the go.

Our custom applications for smartphones, which include iPhones and Blackberrys®, are specifically designed for busy executives or business owners who want to keep an eye on things, whether at the office, over the weekend, or on vacation.

With custom smartphone applications, you can streamline customer service by answering emails faster, review orders, monitor employee progress, or even track expenses. Enjoy the benefits of keeping all your current and future tasks at the forefront and merging contact information with the push of one button. Whatever you need to run your business, Thought Streams is here to help!

State-of-the-Art Smartphone Application Development

The number of businesses using custom applications on their smartphones has risen drastically in the past few years as executives and managers discover the value that they present. Not only is time often cut in half, but a substantial savings is also realized, since working on the go – reliably – is now feasible.

Thought Streams doesn’t stop at just programming your smartphone applications – we also provide round-the-clock service and support should any issue arise. Learn more about our smartphone application development services and their benefits or contact us for a quote.

Web Conferencing and Remote Support