The scenario usually plays out the same way. Your business suffers a catastrophic technological glitch, and your computers – and email – all go down. You frantically call your IT service provider with hundreds of questions in mind, only to reach his voicemail. Your best hope now is to wait for him to get back to you. Thought Streams is way ahead of the game however. Our IT specialists use a sophisticated network monitoring system that not only offers a more proactive approach to common technology problems, but it also nips most issues in the bud.

Remote systems management is, in fact, designed to be a more hands-on monitoring tool that eliminates downtime, a potentially disastrous situation for many small to mid-sized companies. In most cases, you won’t even notice the glitch – we’re on it before you are. Plus, our specialists can monitor the more crucial IT elements of your business. If you want us to keep an eye on email issues, we’ll make sure it’s a priority. We can even monitor your printer levels, ensuring there’s enough toner or ink to last through all those vital print jobs.

What remote systems management means for your business.

Our network monitoring solutions mean you can focus on other things. Gone are the days of frantic calls to IT service providers or waiting to be called back. Remote systems management means reports are instantaneous – we receive the alerts and spring into action.

Interested in having a network monitoring system at your business? It’s simple. Thought Streams will come to your workplace and install low bandwidth software on each of the computers you want to monitor. (Keep in mind, however, that remote systems management works best with up-to-date technologies. Older computers and peripherals are sometimes unable to support remote network monitoring capabilities.) Contact us to learn more about our network monitoring system, and let us handle all of your IT problems.